Ora B240 linear tray sealer - £2,000 (London)

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condition: as new
make/manufacturer: Ora
model name/number: B240
The ORA B240 tray sealer is a high-quality, semi-automatic tray sealing machine commonly used in food packaging. Here are the detailed specifications and features of the ORA B240:

### Description and Features

1. **Build and Design**:
- **Compact Design**: The B240 is designed to save space and fit into various production environments.
- **Stainless Steel Construction**: Ensures durability and easy cleaning, complying with food safety standards.

2. **Operation**:
- **Semi-Automatic**: Requires manual loading of trays but automatic sealing, providing a balance between automation and manual control.
- **User-Friendly Interface**: Typically features a digital display and easy-to-use control panel for adjusting settings.

3. **Sealing Capabilities**:
- **Versatile Sealing Options**: Capable of sealing various types of trays, including plastic, aluminum, and laminated cardboard.
- **Adjustable Sealing Time and Temperature**: Allows customization based on the type of material and product being sealed, ensuring a perfect seal.
- **MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) Capability**: Some models come equipped with MAP options to extend the shelf life of food products by altering the atmosphere within the packaging.

4. **Capacity and Speed**:
- **Tray Size**: Typically supports a range of tray sizes, making it versatile for different products.
- **Cycle Time**: Varies depending on the tray size and material, but generally offers efficient sealing for small to medium-scale operations.

5. **Applications**:
- **Food Packaging**: Ideal for packaging ready meals, fresh produce, meats, and other perishable items.
- **Non-Food Items**: Can also be used for sealing trays of non-food items requiring secure packaging.

6. **Safety Features**:
- **Safety Guards**: Equipped with safety mechanisms to protect the operator during use.
- **Emergency Stop**: A feature that allows immediate cessation of operation if needed.

7. **Additional Features**:
- **Interchangeable Tooling**: Some models offer the option to change tooling to accommodate different tray shapes and sizes.
- **Vacuum and Gas Flush Options**: Enhances packaging by removing air and adding protective gas.

### Typical Specifications

- **Dimensions**: Compact footprint suitable for various production spaces.
- **Weight**: Relatively lightweight, easy to move and integrate into production lines.
- **Power Requirements**: Standard electrical connections, often requiring a single-phase power supply.
- **Sealing Area**: Depends on the specific model, but generally accommodates a range of common tray sizes.

### Maintenance and Support

- **Easy Maintenance**: Designed for easy access to components for routine maintenance and cleaning.

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