All Year Round Business For Sale - £15 (Surrey)

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Want To Make Over £300 Per Day Guaranteed

Welcome to my new business idea for sale
I say new business, But there is nothing new about the business or rather what the business actually does. because the actual function of the service provided has been around, in one form or another, for hundreds of years. In fact ever since we started to cultivate great strips of grass, and called it lawns. This servive which by the way is generally called LAWN REJUVENATION has usually been provide by specialist lawn care experts throughout the world. There are not that many genuine lawn care specialist left in the UK or indeed the world as there once used to be. Also the traditional lawn rejuvenation process is quite lengthy, so much to that results, depending on the season, or rather time of year and weather, can be take between four weeks and twelve weeks to show any signs of change.

But now it's all different!

Thanks to a secret formula which has been developed in the UK and produces results in under 2 hours guarantee.

By virture of the unique super fast fertilising properties of this secret farmula with it's special accelerator, the results after applying it to a lawn are INSTANT there is no waiting for the results to show. And that is precisely what customers want. In this modern age everyone expects and wants everything in an INSTANT...

Now with this business you can be offering this service and making over £300 per day or more very easy. All you need is a 20litre knapsack sprayer which you can buy from ebay from £15. And one litre bottle of this secret grass forular, which will make 40 litres grass tonic. And that amount which is sufficient to treat four average small lawns each measuring 5 metres by 10 metres. And those four small lawns would make you over £300 for one days work.

1) If you buy this business today you will get a 19 page manual which explains everything from start to finish setting up this business. Where to buy this grass formula from and also 20litre knapsack sprayer. Also what type of customers to go for and where to find them etc.

2) And you will also have a contact email address if you need any help or advice FREE of charge.

All we are chargeing for this manual and 24 hour support is £15

You will not find a business onling at that price which can guarantee you will make over £300 or more per day. And you think it's only going to cost you under £100 to set up everything. And this business is not heavy work, anyone can do it.

So don't miss out make 2024 your year.

You can even set this business up with a family member, friend to do all work for you.

So for more info message me with your email address.


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