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East Street at Old Kent Road

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condition: excellent
make/manufacturer: Iphone
model name/number: 6

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Have you ever needed to replace your iPhone?

You do a few searches online. You find the product that you want to replace your iPhone with and then you hunt for the best deal. At the lowest price. You check your provider’s website to see what deals they have. What contracts you can start today. Only to realize you're going to be overpaying or stuck in a contract you are not sure you can afford.

Your next alternative is to pop into the phone shop down the road. Speak with the shopkeeper and see what they have available. Often times they will have the iPhone you want which is great. How convenient for you that your replacement iPhone is only a block away.

If only it were that simple...

See, the shop down the road is a business. And like all businesses, their goal is to earn a profit. They buy their phones at one price (often very low) and sell it to you at another price. Sometimes the price they ask for isn’t any less expensive than the price you would pay with your provider. The only benefit of going to the phone shop over your provider?

The contract terms. They don’t exist and you are free to do what you want with your new iPhone.

What these shopkeepers fail to tell you is how they get these iPhones so cheap. Something that few people know and I only happened to stumble upon by chance. Luckily for you, I am not a business and DO NOT make my money selling iPhones at a huge markup. That is why I am going to share with you the reason these phone shops are able to get their phones so cheap.

I have always hung around a group of friends that have viewed Apple products as superior.

Every year Apple releases a new iPhone with very minor improvements. However… people buy these phones like crazy! They wait in lines on launch day, spend thousands of pounds on the hardware and for what?

The status of having the newest iPhone.

This gives us an opportunity.

With so many iPhone upgrades occurring every year this creates what I like to call “The secret iPhone economy”. There are more iPhones in the market than there are people who need iPhones.

It gets even better… Because so many people are focused on the new iPhone and had always planned on buying it at its high-ticket price they no longer care about what happens to their last years model. These iPhones sit around collecting dust!

Unlike Phone shops, most iPhone users aren’t in the business of buying iPhones low and selling them high. They simply don’t have the time or patience to wait around for someone to buy their old iPhone. This is how the phone shops get them so cheap. They aggressively target people iPhone users and get them to sell their old models to them.

Now that you know the secrets as to how these Phone shops get their inventory at such a low cost. You know you should be taking advantage of this, right?

It might sounds too good to be true… In a way, it is. The tricky part of getting incredibly low prices on older iPhones is?

Finding someone who continuously feeds this “Secret iPhone Economy”. You need to know someone who is constantly upgrading their iPhone and adding to the endless supply of iPhones in the market.

Lucky for you I know someone. I will be upgrading my iPhone and I want to give you the opportunity to replace your current iPhone with my 16GB iPhone 6. This iPhone is unlocked meaning no matter your provider it will work for you and you don’t need to go through the expense, never mind the hassle of getting it unlocked.

When I first Purchased this phone through the “Secret iPhone Economy” I paid £200. Then I paid for another £15 to have it unlocked. But the worst part of needing to get it unlocked wasn’t the £15 it was the 20 days it took to unlock it. I have spent the money and the time ensuring that this iPhone would be in perfect condition to enter back into the market and I want to offer it to you at a low price.

I was offered £150 by my local Phone shop but because I want to extend this “Secret iPhone Economy” to you and it upsets me to see the Phone shops take advantage of this system I will give it to you at a huge discount.

The total value of this iPhone is £215 including the purchase price and the money spent having it unlocked. I am only going to sell it to you for what I think is fair. Not the £215 value, not the £150 offer from the Phone shop. I will give you this iPhone 6 for only £100 if you take action today.

I will also include a free screen protector and phone case, a total value of £19 totally FREE.

One thing I have learned over the past few years is this. The “Secret iPhone Economy” moves very very quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if this iPhone is sold within the next 24 hours! I have seen iPhones of the same quality sell in less than 8 hours and some of those were still locked to their current network. This is your chance to be a part of the “Secret iPhone Economy”. Don’t let yourself be closed off from London’s Mysterious Phone Economy forever.

James Norris.

P.S. If you take action today and purchase this iPhone, I will notify you every time I upgrade my iPhone meaning you will have lifetime access to the “Secret iPhone Economy”
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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