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Experienced Maths and Physics Tutor (London)

Hello :D

I am Aryan, I hold three degrees of MEng, BSc, and BA, and I have extensive teaching experience in teaching math and physics either as a tutor, TA, or lecturer. I teach all grades including, elementary, junior high school, college and university degrees (including GCSE and A/AS level math and physics). I am very approachable; feel free to contact me and I will get back to you fairly quickly.

***Note your first session is free, and you are not obligated to continue if you are not 100% satisfied.

I have a personal website at which I have mentioned my detailed educational background, +3 years of teaching experience, and some testimonials of previous students/parents, but due to the craigslist's policy I don't mention it here and so I can share it with you upon request.

With respect to sessions, I prefer to teach in the library. However, you are more than welcome to suggest any other place that is convenient to you.

During the first session and upon your request, I can perform a quick assessment and tailor a study plan based on your need. In the following, I have listed a number of courses that I teach, yet the list is only a handful of courses (please contact me for any particular course, program, or exam).

Don't even doubt that your capabilities!
Looking forward to hearing back form you

University College

NSCI0005: Mathematics for Natural Sciences 1
NSCI0006: Introductory Mathematical Methods for Natural Sciences I
MATH6401: Mathematics for Students of Economics, Statistics and Related Disciplines I
MATH6402: Mathematics for Students of Economics, Statistics and Related Disciplines ll
Math0003: Analysis 1
Math0004: Analysis 2
Math0005: Algebra 1
Math0006: Algebra 2
MATH0007: Algebra for Joint Honours Students
MATH0008: Applied Mathematics 1
MATH0009: Newtonian Mechanics
Math0010: Mathematical Methods 1
Math0011: Mathematical Methods 2
MATH0012: Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences
MATH0013: Analysis 3: Complex Analysis
MATH0014: Algebra 3: Further Linear Algebra
MATH0015: Fluid Mechanics
MATH0016: Mathematical Methods 3
MATH0037: Mathematical Logic
MATH0038: History of Mathematics
MATH0039: Differential and Integral Calculus
MATH0040: Mathematics for Science 1
MATH0041: Mathematics for Science 2
MATH0042: Mathematical Methods in Chemistry
MATH0043: Mathematics for Physics and Astronomy
MATH0049: Mathematics for Engineers 1
MATH0044: Mathematics for Engineers 2
MATH0045: Calculus and Linear Algebra
MATH0050: Logic
COMP0147: Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists
MATH0057: Probability and statistics
MATH0058: Computational Methods
MATH0066: Nonlinear Systems
MATH0070: Linear Partial Differential Equations
STAT0002: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
STAT0003: Further Probability and Statistics
STAT0004: Introduction to Practical Statistics
STAT0005: Probability and Inference
STAT0006: Linear Models and the Analysis of Variance
STAT0007: Introduction to Applied Probability
STAT0022: Introductory Statistical Methods
STAT0028: Statistical Models and Data Analysis
PHAS0002 Mathematical Methods I
PHAS0006: Thermal Physics
PHAS0007 Practical Physics and Computing 1
PHAS0008 Practical Skills 1P (Experimental Physics)
PHAS0009 Mathematical Methods II
PHAS0010 Classical Mechanics
PHAS0012 Computing for Mathematical Physics
PHAS0021 Electricity and Magnetism
PHAS0024: Statistical Physics of Matter
PHAS0026: Mathematical Methods for Theoretical Physics
PHAS0049: Theory of Dynamical Systems
PHAS0051: Experimental Physics
MECH1002: Engineering Thermodynamics
MECH2004 - MECH2004: Mechanics of fluids and thermodynamics
MECH2005: Stress analysis
MECH3003: Quality technology
MECH0006: Engineering Dynamics
MECH1008 - MECH1008: Applied mechanics
MECH2006 - MECH2006: Dynamics and Control
MECH1001: Mechanics of Fluids
MECH0013: Mechanics of Solids and Structures
MATH0015 : Fluid Mechanics
MECH0055: Materials and Fatigue
CEGE201M: Aerospace Design and Aerodynamics
SPCE0008: Mechanical Design of Spacecraft (ST8)
SPCE0023: Systems Thinking and Engineering Management
SPCE0024: Lifecycle Management
SPCE0025: Risk, Reliability & Resilience
SPCE0026: Systems Design
HPSC0004: Philosophy of Science 1
HPSC0014: Philosophy of Science 2
HPSC0017: Science and Ethics
HPSC0022: Science and Religion
HPSC0059: Science, Art and Philosophy
PHIL0002: Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL0003: Knowledge and Reality
PHIL0004 - PHIL0004: Introduction to Logic 2
PHIL0005: Introduction to Logic 1
PHIL0006: Introduction to Moral Philosophy
PHIL0009: Aesthetics
PHIL0012: Metaphysics
PHIL0014: Knowledge
PHIL0017: Topics in Greek Philosophy: Plato
PHIL0018: Empiricism
PHIL0024: Ethics
PHIL0025: Intermediate Logic
PHIL0046: Advanced Class in the Philosophy of Mind
PHIL0061: Metaphysics of Science
PHIL3034: Epistemology: A Priori Knowledge
PHIL0045: Making Sense of the Senses
PHIL3054: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL3055: Special Topics in 19th Century Philosophy
PHIL3058: German Idealism
PHIL0176: Meaning and Interpretation
PHIL0182: Metametaphysics

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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