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The Conservative Governments Have Provided Me With a LOT !* (London)

It is likely that at some stage this year, I will leave the UK and relocate, after 23 (or maybe, by then, 24) years in this country. I am a 37 years old male, originally from elsewhere.
In the UK, I never owned a place of living - and this too, can be a reason why I am likely to leave. It is more of a necessity or circumstances, than my own choice.

But actually … why ? I do not even have to leave !
Because I have been provided, by the Conservative governments, with ANOTHER place of living in London or elsewhere in this country, where I will be able to reside after I remain in the UK alone.
Not that they gave me Ownership of a flat - but they did grant me a temporary or permanent place to live - albeit limited in space.
The only trouble is …. I seem to have lost track of the address - and cannot find the flat, anywhere.
How strange. Can you imagine that ? Silly me …. But I am sure I will get over it.

As the Conservative governments have passed the 10 th anniversary of gaining power, this May, after the 2010 General Election (initially ruling in a Coalition), I have to admit this …
The Conservative governments have HELPED me A LOT, and have PROVIDED ME WITH A LOT.

Yes, I can thank them (I really can, a BIT) for directing me to go to work at an UNPAID work (or training?) scheme, a number of years ago - while claiming my Jobseeker's Allowance, and true, being offered to still receive the Allowance while at a job scheme (which was to last for SIX months?) - but ….
Comparing to ALL the OTHER help given to me by the Conservative governments, that help I mentioned, it is just a small thing.

(By the way, I then did NOT go to that work scheme and, instead, VOLUNTARILY signed OFF my Jobseeker's Allowance …. I really did).

It were those Conservative governments that made it realistically possible - for the local authorities - NOT to REJECT my Housing Register application, in 2015.

I do not even know what I would do, had it NOT been for all the help of an ENORMOUS MAGNITUDE, granted to me by the UK Conservative governments, over the years.
But please - do NOT ask me for any other specific examples. I just somehow, cannot give any examples, or many examples anyway.
Of course, again …. it is SILLY ME - who must have lost track !

I cannot have been given much else - I was granted nearly ALL I NEEDED, by the Conservative governments.
And it is NOT just me … who was provided with a FLAT to live in.
VAST numbers of people in the UK - who wanted it - have been given COTTAGES and ESTATES, more than SUFFICIENT pensions and salaries, or rewards for their work, or general means of living - to meet their adequate needs, and wants - and beyond that.

VAST numbers of people in the UK, have been provided with property and adequately SUFFICIENT means or standards of living - over the course of 10 years - that the Conservative governments have been in power.
And I am among them ! Just that I seem to have lost track !

* That is not the case. I am deliberately writing the reverse of the real situation.
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