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Roulette Blackjack Casino Games System Information Progression Code Do - £250 (hampshire)

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First thanks for your interest
I now find myself in a difficult situation i have spent a long time working on this project & i believe i have a clear understanding about how progression plays a very important part when playing casino games Roulette is a perfect example because it is all about using progression in the correct way it is the key to winning regular on a daily basis
I have spent a lot of time understanding the game & my conclusion is that progression is the main thing that people should focus on i really feel sure that i am right
I have learned many things on this journey & i know that you must always bet in line with your starting bank also you need a degree of control the best way to stay in control is to set yourself reachable realistic targets for each and every game you play I think you will find this an effective way of staying in control
Another important point is not to use more than one bet because the fact is you can only win on one bet at a time so i do not see the point of placing money all over the table as you may win on one of the bets you place but if you have other bets on the table at the same time then this will bring the overall odds down which means you are giving the casinos a higher edge over yourself
The fact is you can place bets on multiple numbers at a time using just one coin so for me that is a no brainer
These are just a few tips that can give you a better chance in your future games so maybe try it for yourself
The reason for my advert is to let the world know that i believe the Roulette Table is a distraction so in other words i think the Wheel & the numbers & colours are there to distract you they have no significance to me the reason why i say this is because after my research i won a lot more when focusing on my progression that is 100% fact am convinced of it
Also when most people play they do not focus on the amount they are losing only on how much they win here lies the problem i can not say anymore about this now
Let's get it straight from the start i am not claiming that i am a master of Roulette or any other game but i do understand that my progressional code is pure genius
To be the best at anything in life you should learn & understand your craft in other words put the hours in it is fair to say i have done this
I have seen countless videos about Roulette Systems all over the web and i have noticed hardly any of them even mention Progression this worries me it is also right that i have never seen anyone mention that the numbers are a distraction
From the day we are born we have to learn to progress we will carry on with progression until the day we die
I want to help people with my knowledge regards Progression but at the same time i am looking for people who deserve it
I want to make it affordable to everyone because most people that use casinos do not have much money
I guess for me i am looking for a certain kind of person who will be a nice person & easy for me to work with so the first & most important thing is Trust between us from the very start because you need to Trust me first but later once you know about my Code then the Trust swings in the other direction without trust we have nothing So let us be clear right now if you are going to ask stupid questions about how much have i won or why am i selling this when i should be winning millions on my own or that you have bought lots of systems in the past which have all failed then you will get no reply from me i am not interested in any of that stuff for one simple reason it is Negative i only work with positive people i hope this is clear
Also for obvious reasons i need to protect myself you do not know me & i do not know who you are so i approach every new customer with caution i think this is the best policy all round
This is a serious thing & i need to protect myself & my future customers
I am not going to do things the same as others i have my own mind & my own way so you will not find me on the Internet apart from adverts so i have no website and i do not use Utube or anything similar
I will not accept payment from Papal or any other organisation the only way you can make payments is via my bank if this is not acceptable then i am sorry but at this time i can not work with you
The total charge for the information i have for sale is £250 this is the price for the whole thing please accept the price i will not offer it any cheaper so please do not ask the fact is i can ask any price for this code because Roulette has no limits so for this reason how can you put a price on any information that helps you to win long term and on a regular basis
The first payment will be £100 paid to my bank for this i will send you the first document out to your email the first document will explain a number of things that you need to know before you can start using my Code also once you have purchased the first document you have the chance to get a full refund if you decide not to go ahead for any reason
If however your happy to proceed then you will need to make the final payment then i will send you the final document which contains all the details of my progressional code
Once you have both documents you will be ready to go it alone but i will be around for you if at anytime you have any questions
The information needs to be for your own personal use you must not copy or sell this to anyone else
I am happy to answer any questions you may have but please understand that i can not give you any further details regards my Progression until you have signed up & paid for both documents
You do not need any knowledge regards Playing Roulette but it would be helpful that you understand the basics of how to place a bet & understand the odds for the bets you place
The documents are easy to understand & you will just need to follow instructions i also want to mention that this code has been well tested & works like a dream so rest assured you have nothing to worry about
Sometimes in my life i have had chances that do not come along very often it is important to take chances in life otherwise you will never know what could have happened
We are talking about gambling so i would say you should take a gamble on this as i am confident you will never look back this is perfect for anyone who has time on there hands as it will be a perfect tax free extra income on tap when needed
I would like to finish by saying that i hope you decide to get in contact & i am excited to welcome you as a customer let me take you on a new pathway in your life one that will bring you some easy profits
Please try and leave your email when you contact me so i can reply direct to you thank you
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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